5 Types of Dupatta You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Bored with seeing the same colour combination on your salwar suit set? Then here’s an easy way to pep up your look and sport a different colour each time. Pair your suit set with dupattas of different colours and patterns each time! A beautiful dupatta can instantly glam up your overall appearance and give a fresh new spin to your desi look. Make sure you buy dupattas online of various colours, materials and designs and keep a good collection of them so that you can mix and match with your suit sets. Aurelia has a splendid collection of these beautiful drapes that you can look up online and buy. Here are five different types of dupattas that you must have in your wardrobe:


  1. Chanderi Dupattas


These are handwoven dupattas made out of Chanderi, which is a traditional ethnic fabric characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture and luxurious feel. It has a shimmering texture to it that comes from the silk and golden Zari that go into its making. They give out a very royal look with the silk material that it’s made of and the beautiful golden Zari that are usually seen at the border of the dupatta. Wear this over a plain salwar or plain women’s churidar set and sport a pure traditional look.


  1. Rayon/ Viscose Dupattas


Viscose is a type of rayon, originally known as artificial silk. They exude the class and beauty that a pure silk dupatta does. You can wear these dupattas with salwar or churidar suit sets that are plain or have heavy work on. Aurelia has a deluge of different patterns and designs under viscose dupattas that are beautifully spun with shimmery golden threads and others, and have tassels at the end to spruce up the look.


  1. Printed Cotton Dupattas


These need to be a staple in your wardrobe. The more of these you have, the better. You don’t need to think twice before draping them on while you are headed out to a casual dinner or even for shopping. They are simple, yet elegant and very easy to carry off. You can shop online on Aurelia for these simple, yet handy printed cotton dupattas that come in nice colours like blue, pink, beige and more.


4.Voil Dupattas


Are you someone who is comfortable wearing churidar sets to your workplace? Then a voil dupatta is what you must use to drape yourself. These are either made of 100% cotton, or a mix of cotton, linen or polyester. They exude a very formal, yet simple look, ideal for the workplace. You can also carry it off very easily as it is lightweight and soft. Shop online for voil dupattas on Aurelia from the interesting variety that are present.


  1. Banarasi Silk Dupattas


This is another wardrobe staple that every girl must have. These silk dupattas send out the pure Indian, traditional feel when draped and you feel a unique sense of regality in them. Made in rich silk, these can easily elevate your simple look into a magnificent and illustrious one.


Tips to accessorize ethnic outfits

An ethnic outfit looks its best when accessorized appropriately. Take a salwar suit set, or a pair of women’s kurta and palazzos for instance. Although these Indian outfits look gorgeous by themselves, the beauty of the entire look can be enhanced multifold when accessorized with the right pair of earrings, bracelets, bags and the like. So, along with buying kurtis & kurtas online, make sure you also buy matching accessories to go with them.



Earrings are probably the accessory that most people’s attention turn to before anything else. Also, the type of earrings you wear can alter the way you look in a big way. Jhumkas are a traditional type of earrings designed with intricate motifs, patterns and designs. They are traditional, yet very fashionable. Most importantly, they go very well with Indian outfits, be it suit sets or kurtas. Jhumkas are usually heavy and they are made of gold, diamonds , silver and artificial metals.


Potli purse or clutch

You can carry a Potli purse or a beautiful clutch along with your ethnic wear, as both suit them equally well. Potli bags are essentially made out of a rich cloth, preferably satin, velvet or silk and are embellished with mirror work or embroidery. Similarly, clutch also has intricate mirror or stone work on them. Carry one of these to a party or a wedding and look ravishing.



Looking for a trendy, fun way to  pep up your ethnic wear? Try wearing a cape over them. A simple cape over your suit set or women’s kurti palazzo set, can transform your look in a big way. You can buy capes of various lengths online and can experiment with a different look each time. Discover a brand new glam look by wearing a cape over your long kurta set or your churidar set!



Anklets used to be an essential component of women’s accessories. Every Indian woman used to have anklets or the ‘payal’ at her feet and were very graceful toll at. Gradually they went out of fashion, but they made a comeback a few years ago and are now here to stay. While Indian women used to primarily wear silver anklets in the past, the women of today have multiple options to pick under anklets, in terms of the metal and the design. Buy women’s kurtas online from brands like Aurelia, which have a stunning range of women’s kurtis, kurtas and suit sets, and add grace & beauty to the outfit by adorning your feet with a pair of stunning anklets.


Haath Phool

Haath Phool is known by different names, like Haath Kamal, Hand Chain, etc. This is a popular bridal accessory, and is almost always spotted on the hands of Indian brides. Although this used to be worn by the brides mainly, you can pep up your ethnic look big time by sporting one of these when you are headed to a traditional occasion, a party or a wedding. It adds a lot of grace and ‘Indianness’ to your look and will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 types of handbags to carry with women’s kurtas & suit sets

It’s great to have the most beautiful ethnic wear collection in your wardrobe, be it women’s kurtas, kurtis, suit sets or the like. But, have you given enough thought on the accessories that can be paired with these Indian outfits that can easily enhance the beauty of the overall ensemble? Probably not. Along with buying kurtis, kurtas and suit sets online, buy different kinds of handbags as well to match them and discover how elegant and complete you will look when you head out.


1.Sling bags with kurtas

Sling bags or crossbody bags are extremely cool to look at. Pair them with any kind of ethnic wear, including sarees, and they will still sport a very swanky look. Buy a women’s kurta online, pair it with your leggings or palazzos, accessorize with a blingy sling bag, do a neat hairdo and step up in absolute style!


2.Potli purse with churidar set

Seen your grandmother carrying one of these while going out? Yes. It dates back to very old times. However, potli purses are back with a completely fresh spin. They come embellished with sequins, mirror work or other glittering stones. You can pair them with suit sets or sarees and go to a traditional function with elan.

  1. Designer clutch with salwar sets

Every woman must have more than one of these. They are very elegant purses that women can carry to a function and are also very manageable. They also come embellished in attractive stone work, mirror work and a plethora of colours and designs, and you can easily find one that matches with your salwar suit set.


  1. Tote bag with kurtis or kurtas

Wear your women’s kurti and denims or kurta and palazzos, carry your tote bag and head out to shop your heart out. These bags are extremely comfortable to carry around, and are so spacious that you can fit everything you need while heading out. They are very elegant and dignified looking bags and they go well with most of your ethnic wear.


  1. Handbags with kurta sets

These are the classic pieces of bags which you can carry when you are headed to a less informal occasion. They have short straps and are spacious enough to carry your important articles. You can wear them with long ladies’ kurtas and bottom wear as well as with suit sets.

5 styles of women’s formal kurtas to wear to work

Aurelia has a very wide range of formal kurtas that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Just as they have a good collection of party wear kurtas, they also have an impressive collection of workwear, or women’s formal kurtas. Workwear for women needs to be preferably of shades that are not too flashy, need to be comfortable so that the attire you wear does not bother you while you work and needs to be something that makes you feel confident.  Aurelia kurtas have a range of perfect formal kurtas in white, black, grey, blue and more such shades that help you easily blend in with the business environment.


Choose from a varied range of women’s work wear

Checkered long kurta: A checkered kurta is a must-have apparel in every working woman’s wardrobe. Not only does this piece of workwear make her look slimmer than what she is, but it also adds poise to the wearer. Buy a formal checkered kurta in blue and black from Aurelia and look very sophisticated at work.


Colour blocked kurta: When at work, it is best to wear simple prints, with minimal designs . Wearing less flashy apparel to work not only makes you look more sophisticated, but it also helps you leave a good impression with your colleagues. Colour block kurtis, with interesting combinations like black and blue, white and blue, cream and maroon, etc., are great combinations to wear for an official meeting or any formal event.


Denim kurta: Just as much as your denim jeans fit you perfectly and make you look great, denim kurtas also help you make a style statement at work. They are a well-fitted attire which impart an official look to the wearer and make you feel very comfortable while you work at your desk. You can go for multiple options under denim kurtas, like black round neck denim kurtas, blue denim kurtas with mandarin neck, blue round neck denim kurta with simple floral prints and more. You can buy formal denim kurtas from Aurelia at very affordable prices.


Simple printed cotton kurta: These simple cotton kurtas fit in into all types of occasions, be it going to work, going out for lunch with friends, going to attend an informal meeting and so on. Aurelia has a deluge of designs under cotton kurtas . Buy a white Aurelia kurta with pink floral prints or a light pink round neck printed kurta and pair these with white or black leggings and look absolutely ‘office ready’.
Silk kurtas: Silk kurtas not only make a good party wear outfit, but they can also look great when worn at work. They just need to be a little less shimmery with minimal embroidery and prints. A beautiful blue or off-white silk kurta with minimal prints paired with leggings or churidar bottoms make you look very classy.

Best kurti styles to wear to work

Looking presentable at office is more important than we think. Many of us don’t take enough effort to get decked up appropriately for office owing to the hectic lifestyle we all lead. But, if you buy some formal kurtis online that are apt to wear to work, and also get some decent looking churidar bottoms or palazzos to go with, you are then sorted for office. It’s wiser to choose subtle colours and simple prints for your workplace as these would better suit the environment there. Aurelia has the best collection of formal kurtas and kurtis that you can browse through and buy online at affordable rates.

These are some of the women’s kurti styles that make for ideal work/office wear:

  1.  A-line kurti– These are kurtis that are long and extend till the ankle or calf. The stitching of this kurti type is in a way that they can be comfortably worn by women who are slim and heavy as well. If you are not so slim, they will help to cover your heavy hip line. You can be as comfortable as you can in A-line kurtis and focus on your work well. Pair these with leggings, denims, etc and get going.


  1.  Kurtis with Mandarin Neck– If you want to look well put-together at work, then mandarin collar kurtis are the way to go. Buy mandarin collar kurtis on Aurelia in a plethora of colours and prints at affordable rates.  You can find this type of kurtis in subtle colours suited for the workplace like light blue, white, pastel pink, light yellow and more. The prints on these are also not very busy and are perfect to wear to a formal environment. Wear churidar bottoms or leggings with these, wear a pair of flats or wedges for the feet and get set to go to work


  1.  Denim kurtis-It’s best to keep it as plain and simple as possible when it comes to formal kurtis. Denim kurtis make ideal workwear as they are not bright at all and are also comfortable to wear. They do not need too much of accessorization and can be paired with leggings or jeans. The denim on denim combination is striking and can help you look stylish at work. You can shop for denim kurtis online on Aurelia and sport a casual, yet stylish look at work.


  1.  Shirt kurtis– This is the ultimate combination of Indian and western style. The shirt kurtis could be ankle-length, short or long and can all be worn to office. This type will suit women with all body types and will give them a very dignified look when worn. The shirt kurtis can be paired with jeans or leggings to help sport a formal look.


Why cotton kurtis are best for all seasons & occasions

Be it the summers or winters, cotton kurtis for women are the best garments you can wear during these seasons. Not only are cotton women’s kurtis extremely comfortable to wear, the material is also very easy to dry after a wash, and to maintain. Browse online on Aurelia kurtis , to find a plethora of designs under cotton kurtis that are suitable to wear to casual outings as well as to parties and functions. Pick from the unique designs and prints you find on Aurelia online and stand out from the crowd in terms of style and latest trends. Read on to know why buying kurtis and kurtas online in the cotton material will be a good investment for you.

  1.   Suitable for all body types: Cotton is one material that fits all body types gracefully. It doesn’t matter whether you have a pear-shaped body, apple-shaped body or an hourglass body type. A cotton kurti always makes you look very dignified and graceful. It does not add volume to your overall physique and makes you look beautiful every time. So, buy kurtis online on Aurelia in cotton and sport a stunning look each time you head out.


  1.   Suitable for all occasions: There is no material more versatile than cotton. Want to sport a formal look for office? Wear an A-line cotton kurta with mandarin-neck collar to sport an official look. Want to head to a traditional Indian function at your hometown? Wear a cotton Anarkali style kurti, accessorize with some simple jewellery and complete the look with a pair of stilettos. Browse to find women’s kurtas online in cotton in various prints including floral, block prints, embroidery, checks and more on Aurelia.


  1.  Matches with all types of bottom wear: Pair it with any type of bottom wear and your cotton kurta/ kurti will blend very easily with it. Pair it with palazzos, following the latest trend, and look very suave and stylish. Pick a churidar bottom and wear it along with the kurti to sport a traditional look. Pick patialas, match with short cotton kurtis and sport a very smart look.


  1. Easy to maintain: The cotton material is very easy to wash, dry and maintain. During the summer season, you must choose to wear cotton as it makes you feel cooler compared to other materials. During the monsoon season, it is best to choose the cotton material to wear as it will dry faster than other materials.

Browse Aurelia kurtis online to find some of the most attractive and comfortable cotton kurtis with beautiful prints and embroidery.

Different styles of Kurtas to up your fashion game in office!

Workplace is your second home and it is really important to look your best while going to work. Many of us don’t make enough efforts to get dressed up appropriately for office owing to the hectic lifestyle we all lead. Well, buying some formal kurtis online can always work wonders for your office look. When it comes to choose perfect colors and patterns for office, it’s better to keep it subtle and simple.

Check out the best collection of formal kurtas and kurtis at Aurelia to make your choice at reasonable price.

Have a look on these latest styles of women’s kurti that make for an ideal work/office wear:

  1. A-line kurti– Long & extended till the ankle or calf, these kurtis are just perfect for both slim and heavy body types. It makes you feel comfortable so that you can work easily. Club it with leggings or tights and complete your look minimal accessories.
  2. Denim kurtis – Denim is forever! It is the best way to keep your look simple yet stylish. Go for any shade you like and pair it with culottes or jeggings to make a classy statement. Accessorize your look with metallic hoops and you’re ready to go. You can also don the denim-on-denim look to keep your style on-point. Shop for denim kurtis online on Aurelia and sport a casual yet stylish look at work.
  3. Straight-cut kurtis– These are ideal kurtis to wear to office. You can carry them around very comfortably and they also sport a very formal look. This type will suit women with all body types and will give them a very dignified look when worn. The straight-cut kurtis can be paired with jeans or leggings to help sport a formal look.