Fashion trends to look forward to in 2019!

2018 has been a great year for Indian fashion! Along with many new styles that emerged, a number of trends from the 90’s also made a comeback, like the crop top, palazzos, monochrome outfits, leather jackets and many more. With such breathtaking changes happening in the world of fashion, we are sure 2019 has even greater stuff in store for us! Let’s find the possible trends that could become the rage in the coming year:

Wide-legged trousers

Palazzos were all the rage in the last couple of years. These were used by women in the late 60’s and 70’s and they made a huge comeback recently. Every woman’s wardrobe has one or more of these today, the reason being they are extremely comfortable and go with any kind of top wear, ranging from women’s kurtas, kurtis, suit sets, crop tops and more. Whilst the ‘palazzo trend’ will continue to remain, we can expect to see the ‘wide-legged’ trouser trend taking over in 2019. These have a more structured fit compared to the palazzos and often use fabrics different from the palazzos. These can also be paired with all your ethnic top wear.


If you thought wearing the same colour is boring, think again! When put together correctly, dressing monochromatically can be a real head turner. Buy a plain kurta online in your favourite colour and a pair of leggings or trousers in any shade of the same colour and create a monochromatic ensemble. Shop online on Aurelia for kurtas, leggings, palazzos and more of the best quality.


Denim is one material that is inevitable in our lives! From a dapper denim jacket to denim kurtas to skirts, we have seen it all. In 2019, we can expect lot more denims in the form of dresses, jackets, trendy pair of jeans, shorts and more. Every year, designers of the world come up with amazing denim fashion innovations and surprise us time and again. Make sure you buy denim kurtas for women online on Aurelia and get set for the new year!

Boho dressing

The Bohemian style is inspired from the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. Long flowing or tiered skirts and dresses, peasant blouses, ethnic wear like tunics or wood jewelry, embroidery or embellishment with beading, fringed handbags and the like, are what come under Boho styles. These are here to stay in 2019 as well.


Elegant pastels have been the ‘thing’ of 2018! Irrespective of the occasion, be it a traditional one at home, or a late night party or the various Bollywood wedding events we witnessed throughout the year, pastel shades of green, pink, blue and more, were seen on almost everyone. These delicate and subtle colours ruled our fashion collection last year and these are here to stay this year as well.

Awesome ways to style Indian clothes in winter

If you thought the typical Indian outfits, like your kurtas, kurtis and suit sets can be worn and sported in all its glory only in the summers, then you’re wrong! Here are some amazing tips for you to don your favourite ethnic wear in the winters with the same amount of style and glamour as you wear them otherwise:


Anarkali love!

Love to wear your Anarkali suit but the biting cold not allowing you to? Here’s what you can do. Buy a minimalist Anarakali suit online from Aurelia and drape over it a lovely embroidered shawl. This shawl can be a velvet or a woolen one. Drape it beautifully so as to flaunt the lovely embroidery on it, and yet keep you warm.


Can’t do without kurtas!

No matter what the season is, Indian women cannot do without their long kurtas. Buy kurtas online for women on Aurelia and wear them with a velvet or cashmere shawl over. This way, you can easily beat the cold, yet sport your favourite ethnic wear as well.


Pull off kurtis in winters!

If you don’t want to enrobe yourself in shawls, then here’s an interesting way to wear short kurtis this season. Simply pair your kurti with a skirt or palazzos and wear your good old leather jacket over it. Spice things up a bit with this awesome ensemble and look trendy as ever! Buy stunning kurtis on Aurelia and try this combination.


Ethnic jacket to the rescue

The ethnic jacket is a savior at all occasions. This can be paired with your long kurtas, kurtis and even with your suit sets. Pick a woolen one this season and team in up with any of these Indian outfits and kill the biting cold!

Add layers to your outfit this winter!

It’s time to get your winter fashion game on! What you need this winter season to look great and fight the cold weather in style, are layers! From long layered kurtas, wrapped up scarves to gilets, you will find multiple layering options with women’s ethnic wear on Aurelia. So, here are a few must-have layering options for you this winter season:

Chic layering with Gilets

Gilets are very much in trend these days and add the much-needed drama element to your ethnic wear. Grab any kurta from your collection and top it off with an elegant, sheeny gilet. These come in short and lengthy varieties and effortlessly pep up your overall look!

Layered kurta for the Indian fashion lover

Layered kurtas save you the need to buy extra garments for layering. They come with layers on the outfit mostly in contrasting colours to the rest of the garment. Layered kurtas generally look quite grand and can be easily worn to Indian festive occasions. Buy kurtas online in this style on Aurelia.

Fun Layering with Cape

Pep up your ethnic wear with trendy capes. A simple cape over your suit set or women’s kurti palazzo set, can transform your look in a big way. Discover a brand new glam look by wearing a cape over your long kurta set! Buy suit sets online in beautiful colours on Aurelia.

Glam up with short jackets

Do we experiment layering with short jackets enough? This needs to be given some thought. Short, ethnic jackets can be worn over anything and everything. Pick a long or short women’s kurta and wear an ethnic jacket over it. This look can be easily paired with a long skirt, a pair of palazzos, leggings, churidar bottoms and more. You can also add layering to your salwar suit by topping it off with an ethnic jacket.

Different Ways to Pull Off White Kurtas with Elegance

We all have at least one white kurta in our wardrobe. White kurtis or the long women’s kurtas are a saviour on a day when you are confused about what to wear as white goes with anything and everything in the world. A simple white women’s kurta can be teamed with churidar bottoms, palazzos, skirts, denims or any other bottom wear that you like, and will still exude the same beauty.

Be it a hectic week day or a lazy weekend, there is no day when a white kurti would fail to make you look ethereal! Also, white is one colour that women of any height, weight, size, shape skin tone and age can carry off with grace. So, here are some amazing ways to carry off the beautiful white kurti/ kurta with utmost poise and charm:

Long White Kurta with Flared Pants/ Palazzos

Indian fashion has evolved tremendously over the years. Now, this is the trend that is ruling the Indian fashion world. Flared pants or palazzos are worn with pretty much all kinds of top wear, and each time they give out a fresh new look. Wear your simple white kurta with palazzos with beautiful prints. This look can be worn to casual as well as formal events. Buy palazzos online in various colours and prints.

White Kurtis with Denim Shorts

Want to go bold and beautiful this season? Pair your white kurti with denim shorts and hit the street. This is a very interesting way to sport your white kurti, as here we have a blend of the Indian and western fashion. Buy kurtis online in pure white colour with beautiful prints, team it with denim shorts, wear your sneakers with it and get ready to rock!

White Kurtas with Printed Jackets on Top

Come out of the plain white kurta look by wearing stunning ethnic jackets over them. Go for an embellished jacket or an overcoat to enhance the overall appeal of the look. You can go for churidar bottoms, denims, palazzos or any other type of bottom wear. The splash of colour that a beautiful jacket or overcoat gives to your simple white kurta can be transformational.

Rock the Chic, Bohemian Look

If you are a lover of the Bohemian style, then you can totally transform your simple, plain white kurta into one of those! Team up your kurta with a bold, printed floor-length skirt, wear some antique style tribal jewellery and you are good to go. Also make sure you have an interesting hairdo and make up that match your Boho style!

How to gracefully carry off gilets with Indian & Western wear

The latest trend these days is to add layers to your outfits. Women are often spotted these days wearing jackets, shrugs and gilets over their kurtas, t-shirts and other top wear to add these beautiful layers. This style adds a unique charm to the overall appearance and gives out a very hip look. Among the apparel options that we have to create this ‘layer look’, gilets are the ones that are in vogue these days. Gilets are jackets that can be worn over your ethnic wear, like a kurta, kurti or even a salwar suit to give the overall appearance a trendy makeover. They come in different lengths of the jacket as well as the sleeve. They are also made using different fabrics, some sheer and some thick. This means that you can wear them simply as an add on, or you can wear the thicker versions of gilets during the winters to protect from the cold. If you love to wear these beautiful jackets and add a lot more suave to your overall look, then you can buy gilets online on Aurelia and rock the look.


Here are a few ways you can pep up your casual look with a trendy gilet on:


1.A cheery gilet over a jumpsuit


Many celebrities are seen in this particular look and needless to say, they look amazing! Jumpsuits are great outfits themselves. When a stylish gilet goes over it, then the entire appearance gets so much more stylish. Tie up your hair high and wear wedges at your feet to complete the look.


2.A contrast colour gilet over women’s kurta


Every Indian woman would have a great collection of kurtas. They are commonly worn to college, office, casual hang outs and more. These are extremely comfortable to wear and carry around. However, if you ever feel like adding some more style to the overall look, then a traditional gilet is what you must go for. Choose a contrasting colour and look bright throughout the day.


3.A short gilet over women’s kurti


You can go for short, sleeveless gilets to wear over your kurti. This combination of a short women’s kurti, paired with a skirt and a gilet to go over the kurti make for a great outfit to be worn at a casual dinner with friends or family. Accessorize with bangles, flats for the feet and a sling bag and you’re good to go!


4.A swanky gilet over tees


Go all hip and trendy by wearing a full sleeved gilet over your t-shirt paired with culottes. If you are pairing your t-shirt with denims, then you can easily go for a full-length sleeveless gilet. These add to your swank in a big way and make you look different from the rest of the crowd. Wear your sneakers to go with this look.

Ethnic trends to watch out for in 2018

If you are someone who loves to stay updated with the current trends and keep rebuilding your wardrobe with apparels that are in vogue, then you have come to the right place! We shall talk about some of the trends that are ‘in’ this year and at what occasions you can wear them. So, read on to find out if you have missed out any of the trending styles of the day!




Want to add layers to your outfit? Go Gilets! Yes. Gilets are the coolest fashion outfit we have these days. In addition to being extremely stylish, they are also very versatile. They can be worn over a top paired with a skirt, denims, pyjamas, lehengas or anything you like. They look equally good on ethnic wear, just as much as the western outfits. You can look great by wearing Indian gilets over your traditional skirt and top and head to the wedding. You can buy beautiful gilets online on Aurelia and pair them up with your Indian outfits.




Looking for a fun way to pep up your ethnic wear? Wear a cape over your outfit. A simple cape over your suit set or women’s kurti palazzo set, can transform your look in a big way. You can buy capes of various lengths online and can experiment with a different look each time. Discover a brand new glam look by wearing a cape over your long kurta set or your churidar set!


Floral Design


Did you know that the floral design is what is trending these days? It’s time for you to look up online and buy kurtas, kurtis and suit sets with the floral design and rock a beautiful look at the Mehendi, Sangeeth or the wedding. The floral designs are extremely gorgeous to look at and also have a very simple appearance. They look great on all ethnic outfits and make you look stunning as well.




This season, ruffles are the way to go! Ruffles can be found on your tops and skirts. They add amazing flair and drama to your overall appearance. If you are thinking of dressing up to a function, then ruffles are your way to go as they will definitely have you stand out from the rest of the crowd.




Dupattas can be a total game changer for your outfit. Dupattas are an easy way to pep up your look. Pair your suit set with dupattas of different colours and patterns each time! A beautiful dupatta can instantly glam up your overall appearance and give a fresh new spin to your desi look. Make sure you buy dupattas online of various colours, materials and designs and keep a good collection of them so that you can mix and match with your suit sets.

How to nail the long skirt look?

The long skirt is a very graceful and feminine outfit. They are one of the most comfortable and versatile garments that women can wear. They naturally bring out the feminine side in you and make you look great. Another great thing about wearing skirts is that you have the option to pair it up with different kinds of tops and sport an equally stylish look each time. You can buy skirts online and experiment different looks by teaming them with various kinds of tops. So, get ready to sport a feminine, yet, very swanky look and make heads turn wherever you go! Here are a few interesting ways you can try different looks with long skirts:


Printed high-waist polyester skirts with crop tops


Confused about what to wear to a casual dinner party with friends tonight? Here’s a great choice to make. Pick your long maxi polyester skirt with beautiful prints on it and pair it up with a plain black or plain white crop top. As for accessories, it’s better to keep a minimalistic look with this one. Don’t wear too many accessories, except for stud earrings and a sling bag to go with. Leave your hair open and look stunning at the dinner party.


Maxi skirts with long kurtas         


A long cotton kurta with a maxi skirt gives out a very elegant look. These days, floor-length skirts with long kurtas are being seen sported by celebrities very frequently and this exudes a combination of elegance and style. If you are dressing up for a traditional Indian function and choose to look different this time, then this is the look you need to wear. Buy kurtas online on Aurelia in gorgeous designs and patterns, pair it up with a stunning floor-length skirt, wear beautiful accessories and look ravishing at the function.


Floor-length skirt with top and gilet


This is a very smart look that is trending these days. Gilets are sleeveless jackets worn over a kurti or an ordinary t-shirt. You can create a very different and smart look by wearing gilets that have beautiful prints, stone work, sequins, embellishments and more over simple kurtis or plain tees. Pair this top wear with gorgeous floor-length skirts. Wear bangles to go with this look and leave your hair open. You can find a wide variety of amazing gilet designs online on Aurelia. Buy gilets online, pair it up with skirts and head out to a casual meet-up with friends.


Casual cotton skirts and kurtis
Women’s kurtis and long skirts make for a great combination. You can go for a long skirt with busy prints and a plain cotton kurti or vice versa. They are very comfortable and easy to carry off. You can wear this combination for a casual outing, meeting with friends or for traditional functions at home. Buy kurtis online and try different kurtis with skirts and sport a different look each time. Also, shop online for long skirts on Aurelia and get beautiful pieces to look great in.

5 Types of Dupatta You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Bored with seeing the same colour combination on your salwar suit set? Then here’s an easy way to pep up your look and sport a different colour each time. Pair your suit set with dupattas of different colours and patterns each time! A beautiful dupatta can instantly glam up your overall appearance and give a fresh new spin to your desi look. Make sure you buy dupattas online of various colours, materials and designs and keep a good collection of them so that you can mix and match with your suit sets. Aurelia has a splendid collection of these beautiful drapes that you can look up online and buy. Here are five different types of dupattas that you must have in your wardrobe:


  1. Chanderi Dupattas


These are handwoven dupattas made out of Chanderi, which is a traditional ethnic fabric characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture and luxurious feel. It has a shimmering texture to it that comes from the silk and golden Zari that go into its making. They give out a very royal look with the silk material that it’s made of and the beautiful golden Zari that are usually seen at the border of the dupatta. Wear this over a plain salwar or plain women’s churidar set and sport a pure traditional look.


  1. Rayon/ Viscose Dupattas


Viscose is a type of rayon, originally known as artificial silk. They exude the class and beauty that a pure silk dupatta does. You can wear these dupattas with salwar or churidar suit sets that are plain or have heavy work on. Aurelia has a deluge of different patterns and designs under viscose dupattas that are beautifully spun with shimmery golden threads and others, and have tassels at the end to spruce up the look.


  1. Printed Cotton Dupattas


These need to be a staple in your wardrobe. The more of these you have, the better. You don’t need to think twice before draping them on while you are headed out to a casual dinner or even for shopping. They are simple, yet elegant and very easy to carry off. You can shop online on Aurelia for these simple, yet handy printed cotton dupattas that come in nice colours like blue, pink, beige and more.


4.Voil Dupattas


Are you someone who is comfortable wearing churidar sets to your workplace? Then a voil dupatta is what you must use to drape yourself. These are either made of 100% cotton, or a mix of cotton, linen or polyester. They exude a very formal, yet simple look, ideal for the workplace. You can also carry it off very easily as it is lightweight and soft. Shop online for voil dupattas on Aurelia from the interesting variety that are present.


  1. Banarasi Silk Dupattas


This is another wardrobe staple that every girl must have. These silk dupattas send out the pure Indian, traditional feel when draped and you feel a unique sense of regality in them. Made in rich silk, these can easily elevate your simple look into a magnificent and illustrious one.

Tips to accessorize ethnic outfits

An ethnic outfit looks its best when accessorized appropriately. Take a salwar suit set, or a pair of women’s kurta and palazzos for instance. Although these Indian outfits look gorgeous by themselves, the beauty of the entire look can be enhanced multifold when accessorized with the right pair of earrings, bracelets, bags and the like. So, along with buying kurtis & kurtas online, make sure you also buy matching accessories to go with them.



Earrings are probably the accessory that most people’s attention turn to before anything else. Also, the type of earrings you wear can alter the way you look in a big way. Jhumkas are a traditional type of earrings designed with intricate motifs, patterns and designs. They are traditional, yet very fashionable. Most importantly, they go very well with Indian outfits, be it suit sets or kurtas. Jhumkas are usually heavy and they are made of gold, diamonds , silver and artificial metals.


Potli purse or clutch

You can carry a Potli purse or a beautiful clutch along with your ethnic wear, as both suit them equally well. Potli bags are essentially made out of a rich cloth, preferably satin, velvet or silk and are embellished with mirror work or embroidery. Similarly, clutch also has intricate mirror or stone work on them. Carry one of these to a party or a wedding and look ravishing.



Looking for a trendy, fun way to  pep up your ethnic wear? Try wearing a cape over them. A simple cape over your suit set or women’s kurti palazzo set, can transform your look in a big way. You can buy capes of various lengths online and can experiment with a different look each time. Discover a brand new glam look by wearing a cape over your long kurta set or your churidar set!



Anklets used to be an essential component of women’s accessories. Every Indian woman used to have anklets or the ‘payal’ at her feet and were very graceful toll at. Gradually they went out of fashion, but they made a comeback a few years ago and are now here to stay. While Indian women used to primarily wear silver anklets in the past, the women of today have multiple options to pick under anklets, in terms of the metal and the design. Buy women’s kurtas online from brands like Aurelia, which have a stunning range of women’s kurtis, kurtas and suit sets, and add grace & beauty to the outfit by adorning your feet with a pair of stunning anklets.


Haath Phool

Haath Phool is known by different names, like Haath Kamal, Hand Chain, etc. This is a popular bridal accessory, and is almost always spotted on the hands of Indian brides. Although this used to be worn by the brides mainly, you can pep up your ethnic look big time by sporting one of these when you are headed to a traditional occasion, a party or a wedding. It adds a lot of grace and ‘Indianness’ to your look and will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 types of handbags to carry with women’s kurtas & suit sets

It’s great to have the most beautiful ethnic wear collection in your wardrobe, be it women’s kurtas, kurtis, suit sets or the like. But, have you given enough thought on the accessories that can be paired with these Indian outfits that can easily enhance the beauty of the overall ensemble? Probably not. Along with buying kurtis, kurtas and suit sets online, buy different kinds of handbags as well to match them and discover how elegant and complete you will look when you head out.


1.Sling bags with kurtas

Sling bags or crossbody bags are extremely cool to look at. Pair them with any kind of ethnic wear, including sarees, and they will still sport a very swanky look. Buy a women’s kurta online, pair it with your leggings or palazzos, accessorize with a blingy sling bag, do a neat hairdo and step up in absolute style!


2.Potli purse with churidar set

Seen your grandmother carrying one of these while going out? Yes. It dates back to very old times. However, potli purses are back with a completely fresh spin. They come embellished with sequins, mirror work or other glittering stones. You can pair them with suit sets or sarees and go to a traditional function with elan.

  1. Designer clutch with salwar sets

Every woman must have more than one of these. They are very elegant purses that women can carry to a function and are also very manageable. They also come embellished in attractive stone work, mirror work and a plethora of colours and designs, and you can easily find one that matches with your salwar suit set.


  1. Tote bag with kurtis or kurtas

Wear your women’s kurti and denims or kurta and palazzos, carry your tote bag and head out to shop your heart out. These bags are extremely comfortable to carry around, and are so spacious that you can fit everything you need while heading out. They are very elegant and dignified looking bags and they go well with most of your ethnic wear.


  1. Handbags with kurta sets

These are the classic pieces of bags which you can carry when you are headed to a less informal occasion. They have short straps and are spacious enough to carry your important articles. You can wear them with long ladies’ kurtas and bottom wear as well as with suit sets.